Ex-works Clearance

Whilst we are not a steel stockholder, we can supply steel to the smaller user. We always have offcuts from larger orders.

We can supply metal by the metre and keep a large variety of steel in stock. We work with steel, aluminium, stainless steel, brass, copper, zinc and alloys; we also use plastics, glass and even wood in some of our work. We can also source or provide the services you require. We can supply steel cut, rolled, folded, bent, twisted, shaped, chopped, punched, drilled, chiselled, hammered, ground, milled, sanded, polished, sharpened, painted, galvanised, powder coated, turned or sprayed.

Call in to find out if we have what you need or email us using our contact us page.

Or contact us on 01749 890666 for more information or to arrange collection.